Ballfields & Blackboards Podcast  (formerly Subgame Perfect Podcast)
Combining academic & fan perspectives on sports with three college of business colleagues

SportsMoney Contributor at   (Jan 2013 - Dec 2020) 

Recent Classes
   Macro Principles  (Econ 203)
   Applied Macro Theory (Econ 502) 

   Econometrics (Econ 465/465G)
   Intermediate Macro (Econ 303) 



Recent & Other Selected Publications
Racial Integration as an Innovation: Empirical Evidence from Sports Leagues with McCormick & Tollison American Economic       Review 2002.

The NCAA: A Study in Cartel Behavior with Fleisher & Tollison University of Chicago Press, 1992

Racial Integration of Coaching: Evidence from the NFL with Tollison Journal of Sports Economics 2009 

Sports Economics Uncut Edward Elgar Press, 2019

Effects of University Athletics on The University Journal of Sport Management, 2000

The effect of management changes on winning in professional sports: Analysis using a dynamic lag adjustment model with Wilson & Zimmer
Managerial & Decision Economics, 2019 

Revisiting Romer: Digging Deeper into Influences on NFL Managerial Decisions     Journal of Sports Economics 2018

Movies, Mass Consumers, & Critics: Economics & Politics of a Two-Sided Market with Wilson & Zimmer Contemporary Economic Policy 2017